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Does a training qualification to drive a particular type of truck, allow me to drive any truck?

Basic training must be given on all types of lift truck and attachments that operators will or could be required to use in their work. If the operator is subsequently required to operate another lift truck, or there is a change of handling attachment, additional, practical conversion training will be required.


If I train one person as a Forklift Truck operator, can they train others?



What is the minimum level of training required for lift truck operators?

It is wrong to assume that because employees had a license to drive, for example, a motor vehicle on the public roads, they also have the skills necessary to operate a lift truck. An 'operator' is anyone who operates a lift truck, even as a secondary or occasional part of their job, and is not limited to people specifically designated as lift truck operators.

Therefore, employers should not allow anyone to operate , even on a very occasional basis, any lift trucks who have not satisfactorily completed basic training and testing such as that described in the HSA code, except for those undergoing such training under adequate supervision.


Must I have a driving licence before attending a Forklift Operator driving course?

No, unless if a truck is used on public roads, traffic legislation applies and you must hold a driving licence.


Is there an entry age to partake in Forklift Operator training?

Many employees prefer applicants to be over 18 for insurance reasons.


To what places of work does the Safety in Industry (Abrasive Wheels) 1982 (S.I.30/1982) regulation apply?

These regulations apply to the following places where an abrasive wheel is used for any grinding or cutting operation, i.e.


  • every factory
  • every other premises to which the provisions of the Factory Act 1955 apply
  • every dock, wharf, quay, warehouse, line or sitting, whereby the provisions of section 86(1) of the Factories Act 1995 applies
  • every harbour, wet dock or ship whereby the work being carried out is referred to in section 86(1) of the Factories Act 1955
  • every place and every line or sitting where building operators or works of engineeing construction are being undertaken, whereby the provisions of section 88(1) or 89(1) of the Factories Act 1955 apply.

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